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Can I find out how much my peers are making?

Benchmark your salary and uncover your professional worth
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Salary Benchmark Wizard
Provides timely and updated salary benchmark information.
Professional Salary Report
Annual report published from business professionals comprehensive salary data.
International Comparison
Rate your salary against 79 job functions between different countries.

activeBizPros is a community site that lets business professionals compare salaries and discover their value in different job markets.

Driven by the salary benchmark wizard, members will be able to search and compare salaries:
For free
Between diverse job functions ranging from Finance to HR, Sales to Marketing and more
Between industries such as Banking, Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing and more*
Help us grow this resource and power your country's salary data. Find out your market value, uncover your true worth. Join the activeBizPros community today.
*Industry comparison will be available once database grows. Help us share this site.

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